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Nirvana Memorial Garden

Being far away from the olden days memorial parks that were built solely on government reserved burial lands and jungle/sugar-cane estate or hill slope that was mostly surrounded by housing and commercial lots areas. It was very ordinary for the departed ones whose spirits are wandering on an immortal realm and drastic changes of their once resting places. Most of these burial lands were left unattended and only a few of the responsible Buddhist organizations or the local councils are willing to upkeep the maintenance of the place. There are also some memorial parks where the developer failed to comply with the promise to upkeep the maintenance and provide proper management and solemn environment due to money constraints. Step by step the memorial park was abandoned and turns out to be a haunted place where now it was demolished and give ways to the new development of the land. These acts have caused a lot of inconvenience and burden to the departed ones and their families having to relocate the coffin and doing lots of paperwork to form the proper documentation for the relocation. Some were left untraced and reallocated to an unknown burial lands. All of this should never happen and the Buddhist community have made a sincere effort to provide a decent place for the final resting in memorial to the departed ones. And today Singapore Nirvana Memorial Garden being guided by the 3-6-9 Zero Concept strives to make sure that the departed ones will not face the fate of aforesaid misfortune. With its strategic international planning and utilizing a multi-million budget, the garden is located in a piece of premium land on high ground near Rawang. This will certainly exclude the fear and worries of the spirits where the hilly terrain was known to be a place for celestial beings and holy spirits and free from disturbances of malicious spirits. This strategic location is also easily accessible to a wide coverage of Buddhist community from Rawang, Klang Valley and others from the Centre-Highlands region.

Nirvana Memorial Garden is a unique and stunning combination of a beautifully decorated parkland, open space, and serene environment of natural spring and cool, clean air at Kundang, near Rawang. The garden provides a contemporary yet idyllic journey if compared with other traditional Buddhist columbariums. It is indeed considered as a place for the care of the departed ones and also a final resting place for those who of Chinese Buddhist faith. Nirvana Memorial Garden has a majestic design and landscaped gardens and water features that blend elegantly with various beautifully crafted statuary and designs. The memorial park provides a feeling of peaceful, tranquil, and soothing surroundings for the visitors. The gardens are constructed on a piece of valley that was cool and full of greenery and surrounded by public reserved land and also new development that has ensured the privacy and fortunate feng shui. High noise and noxious pollutions were stayed away from this quiet valley. A peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life and it is only 5 minutes drive from Rawang town, on a better side Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. This is synchronizing with current community expectations in respect of a final resting place that is easily accessible. The garden’s richness of beauty will certainly invite and fulfill the spiritual expectations of its visitors. Visitors will experience the harmony and unity found within nature, architecture, philosophy and form of art that represents the beauty of the garden. This development was honorably officiated and grand opening on December 2005 and only 40 acres of hilly terrain being utilized and called Phase 1. In 2009, the construction for Phase 2 had officially begun. The gardens are targeted to be fully developed and provide an ideal final resting place for the loyal disciples and their beloved ones.

History of Nirvana Memorial Garden

The present site of Nirvana Memorial Park was discovered by chance on one of the company director’s return trip from the Nilai-South corridor. It was a 65-ha. Freehold land located only 1 km from the Taman Tasik Semenyih or Semenyih Lake Country Club as what the locals named it. The land had an abandoned golf course, a quarry, a disused club house, an old 1970’s bungalow, and an orang asli settlement. It was like forgotten by time and surrounded by thick forest. But the green forested hills and the tranquility lured the company director into taking up the challenge of making it a memorial park for generations to remember. A deal was quickly struck with the land owner after a quick assessment and a trip to the land with the directors, and it was then the first step to the making of Nirvana that we see now.

A company was formed later to handle the implementation of the idea, but no serious attempt was made until the late 1999 when the Chinese community was facing a problem of traditional grave sites running out of space for expansion. The old idea about setting an alternative got revitalized and the company was sent to look for a more ideal piece of land for the memorial park.

Nirvana Memorial Garden may have only opened in 2010, but the history of it dates back to 1990, some twenty years ago. In 1990, an entrepreneur and a feng-shui master got together to draw some development plans for a piece of land situated at Semenyih. It was then they first mooted the idea of setting up a memorial park, the first in Malaysia. The concept was to offer an alternative for those looking for a final resting place for their departed loved ones, from the traditional burial or ashes internment to a more serene, scenic and nature presented mausoleum.

Location of Nirvana Memorial Garden

The Nirvana Memorial Garden is a niche memorial destination recognized for its beauty and serene ambiance in preserving memories of departed loved ones. Set amidst the lush greenery in the western part of Singapore, it takes the form of a tranquil garden sanctuary where family members can reflect and visit their dearly departed in a lush tranquil setting. Nirvana address is at Tanjong Katong Road as its main entrance, Nirvana Memorial Garden has an overall area of approximately 100,000 plots and will be developed in 8 phases. Although the Now and Zen Columbarium and the office block are expected to be completed in 2011, Nirvana Memorial Garden already has striking landscaping features, basic amenities, and road access on site with the Now and Zen Columbarium being able to cater to visitors by September 2011. Now and Zen Columbarium located on Area 3 Phase 1 was conceived to address the needs of families who wish to house the urns of their loved ones in an impressive manner and to also encourage contemplation of the Dhamma by providing a serene environment for all visitors. The distinguishing feature of Now and Zen Columbarium is the pagoda-style niches for niches offering additional bright and spacious corridors for visitors due to its unique design. Area 3 was selected for its closeness to the current developed area of Nirvana. This also allows the development of the 5-minute trail walkway to the Columbarium and garden sanctuary area. The habitat at Area 3 will be developed and enhanced to benefit the visitors to the area in due time.

Services Offered

The Columbarium represents longevity and eternity. Our columbarium is designed with the finest materials and craftsmanship. Families and individuals can choose from a variety of columbarium products and services. Our climate-controlled, fully-enclosed building houses 8,640 niches and 2,400 urn burial plots of two types: indoor and outdoor. We also provide an indoor and outdoor area for the scattering of ashes. Niches are available in endowed and non-endowed selections for individual or companion placement. Customers can choose from a variety of columbarium products and services. Relieve the burden on grieving loved ones during a difficult and emotional time by making your own prearrangement to secure a fitting funeral or cremation services. Preplanning service includes making your funeral policy, selecting the type of columbarium products and service, and providing necessary personal and next of kin information. This will ensure that your personal wishes are carried out and serves to protect your loved ones from shouldering the responsibilities of making decisions regarding the various aspects of a funeral.

Columbarium Services

The columbarium at Nirvana is an ideal sanctuary for the eternal repose of departed souls. Here, family members can memorialize the lives of their loved ones in a dignified and meaningful manner for generations to come.

In order to accommodate the different religions in multi-cultural Malaysia, the interior of the columbarium is further divided into 3 wings, each housing niches in accordance with the varying religious requirements. Each floor is equipped with a Dharma hall dedicated for religious activities to be held. Other facilities include a surau, ample parking, and a cafeteria for the convenience of visitors.

The primary service provided by Nirvana is that of its columbarium. Coupled with beautiful landscaping and a serene environment, the 5-storey high columbarium is the first in Malaysia to house niches indoors. This ensures that family members can pay respects to their ancestors in the comfort of fully air-conditioned surroundings.

Pre-planning Services

Package could be set up from a long distance within 20km from Kuching town. The prices are as follows: Package A: RM350 – advice and guidance for filling in government form application for certificate of inheritance issued by District Office. Package B: RM800 – advice and assistance in obtaining the letter of approval of development permits for any application construction of building/columbarium from Kuching North/South City Hall. Package C: 5% from the total cost of construction or RM3000 and above – provide the services of supervision and site visit during the buildings or project and till the completion of the project. This is to ensure all relevant regulations from authority have been abided by. Package D: 5% from the total cost of construction or RM3000 and above – provide drawing and design services for clients who are facing difficulty in obtaining them from a professional architect. This would ease the client from any charges or alterations in design from the professional architect.

Funeral Services

Nirvana Memorial Garden provides funeral services ranging from traditional Chinese customs, Taoist rites to Buddhist bathing, Dharma services, to Modern Simple Farewell. Funeral services arrangement varies from 3 days 2 nights event, 5 days 4 nights and 7 days 6 nights. The services includes Nirvana’s Columbarium, Funeral Parlours, Thean Hou Hall, Air Urn, Classic Urn and Hall of Eternity. Nirvana Memorial Garden provides Traditional Chinese Funeral Package ranging from 3, 5 and 7 days. The package includes Food Catering, Professional Pallbearers, Ancestral Tablets, Prayer Set and photo Enlargement, a comprehensive package varies from Essentials, Elegance and Honour. There is also a package for Buddhists which includes funeral bathing, prayer services, dharma services and cremation. Funeral services at Nirvana involves very minimal hassle to the family members as Nirvana has undertaken nearly most of the arrangement at their own. This will save time and effort of the organizers as well as will present a memorable event to honour their loved ones.

Facilities and Amenities

Religious Facilities Nirvana Memorial Garden is dedicated to provide the flexibility of religious rites and rituals of different faiths and practices. There are facilities for Hindu, Christian and Muslim services, with different styles of housing memorial tablets and/or urns. Special religious sections can be created upon request such as Christian or Catholic enclave with the Christian Community Hall within the Columbarium. This would suit the specific needs of the different families. Requirements on religious rites and rituals can be made known to our customer service and care would be taken to advise on the appropriate niche type and location which would be most convenient for the family. An example would be a Hindu family member who would prefer to house the urn in an underground niche. He/She can choose to do so at the underground columbarium hall and also perform regular Hindu rites with the flexibility of a more cooling and conducive environment.

Columbarium Design and Features The Columbarium consists of 10 air-conditioned Columbarium Halls of various sizes and designs. For the convenience of the visitors, there are 40 units of public toilet available. These Columbarium Halls are designed with comfortable lounge areas for family members and friends to sit and reflect on their memories of their departed loved ones. In the Halls, one would also find the Memorial Walls with inscriptions of dedications to the departed loved ones. The niches are located side by side in a comfortable setting similar to a hotel where it is easy to find. An innovative concept of having underground Columbarium was also implemented at level 2M. Family members and friends would be sheltered from rain and shine as they walk around looking for niches. The atmosphere would be cooler and more serene with the surrounding greens and landscape. In time to come, the Columbarium will be infused with Buddhist and Taoist architecture and cultural designs as we break away from the typical Chinese influenced Buddhist temple. Community Halls will be available for booking by the public for memorial service sessions. This would be ideal for those who wish to conduct a modest memorial service. The premise is also equipped with ample parking spaces and a Buddhist/Taoist Temple will be built to provide religious services to the family members and friends of the Niches. A Caretaker’s Unit will also be constructed to cater for the staff who are staying in to do night shift. The night ambience at the Columbarium will also be enhanced with the introduction of LED lightings.

Chua Chu Kang Road Site Located along the Chua Chu Kang Road, the Columbarium sits on 28 hectares of land that was formerly a Chinese cemetery. The site is part of a larger development that encompasses the Choa Chu Kang Cemetery and the Choa Chu Kang Christian Cemetery.

Chua Chu Kang Road Site

The management had made a prudent and timely decision when the current site for Nirvana Memorial Garden was purchased in 1994. Chua Chu Kang was then being earmarked by the government for development as a major public and private cemetery in view of the grave shortage problem. The proposed location was prime land and many developers had expressed keen interest in the location with a view of turning it into a niche residential area. At that point, subsidize for such facilities no longer seemed tenable given the prevailing market conditions. Retreat of the operating subsidiary from cemetery operations was seriously contemplated, but in persevering with the memorial garden concept, the alternative to develop and popularize cremation in Singapore stood steady. Today, with the government’s recent announcement that the area interests is back on the development of residential housing, this decision by the management had proven to be farsighted. While grave plot availability in Singapore has improved of late in terms of demand and supply, one must not forget the demographic factor. Premium grave land is still the main choice of interment for all classes of the Chinese population, which still remains the core of the local Buddhists, Taoists, and Confucianists. With the population still growing in numbers and, in particular, with the aging baby boom generation, the demand for Chinese grave plots will not diminish palpably by the time the plot for the private residential development is realized in comparison to now. In this respect, the current and future niche clienteles of niche religion and fraternity groups and the less well-to-do cannot afford to ignore what the memorial garden stands for – the Chinese culture and heritage of their forefathers. And compared to the past years, a site should it not be another move to another country as what has happened.

Columbarium Design and Features

The Garden of Eternity is a modern design of the traditional Chinese burial ground, where ancestors are given a final resting place blessed by Heaven and Earth. Memorial plaque options include traditional stone tablets or black granite plaques. Family plots of 16 or 64 plots are also available for extended families. The Garden of Remembrance offers an alternative resting place combined with a search for perpetual blessing through the Surangama Mantra. This includes columbarium plots and garden plots, available with a variety of landscaping options. Both offerings are supported by the state-of-the-art Ancestral Tablet Building, where memorial services can be conducted in a spiritual and conducive environment.

Finely defined by the needle-point tower feature at its entrance, the Nirvana Memorial Garden features a modern design coupled with traditional values. The entire complex is built around an interior courtyard, providing an inviting and intimate space for family and visitors. The Garden of Eternity and Garden of Remembrance provide a peaceful and serene atmosphere for visitors to reminisce and remember, while the Experience Centre offers a cheerful and modern space for families to gather and celebrate the lives of their ancestors.

Religious Facilities

It does not say what is at the Religious Facilities section. Each person may have different ideas of what makes one religious. There are four key things which make this section different to others within the Columbarium. First, it is a secluded area nestled at the western end of Nirvana Memorial Garden away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This peaceful and serene setting is perfect for devotions, contemplation, and prayers. Security and privacy are also assured as the area is fenced up and only accessible to those with the right access card. This is further reinforced by the fact that there are no niches or urns to be found in this section. This would be an ideal spot for anyone looking to concentrate on their deeds without the worry of other worldly matters. Secondly, there are two fully enclosed Prayer Pavilions as a place of worship and refuge for anyone seeking spiritual solace. These pavilions feature deities from all major religions in Singapore and can comfortably house up to 40 worshippers at any one time. This would be considered an oasis in the city as there are not many places that can be found which cater for quiet prayers these days. It is certainly a plus point to have the options of praying indoors considering Singapore’s unpredictable weather.

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